Development of Standard Operation Procedures for Hotels and Businesses (new brand creation, standardization of existing brands)

Whether your business is an independent hotel, franchise, management company, hotel chain, or hospitality-related business, the Operational Standards must be agreed and documented. We will work with your team on identifying the guest/customer journey and capture the requirements to ensure the guest/customer experience meets and exceeds their expectations. We will develop Standard Operating Procedures, Checklists, and Step by Steps to ensure legal and fiscal compliance, operational efficiency, and elevated service. Depending on your requirements, we will collaborate with your team to create a document taxonomy and depository for management and search functionality

Development of Training Material for Hotel Rooms Operations

Standard Operation Procedures are simply paper without the supporting Training Material. Our team at ZOGO are experts in understanding customer service and operational training. Our unique blend of classroom and hands-on customer/guest service training, combined with system training (why you do it, how you do it), will ensure that your departments operate to standards agreed. If you are planning to move to an eLearning platform, our team has extensive experience working with eLearning companies to develop the scripts, assist with filming logistics and post-production activities.  For new openings, we will create a bespoke simulation training to ensure your team is ready on opening day. 

Hotel Operational Reviews and Audits (Mystery Shopping)

The ZOGO team can assist you with impartial operational reviews or conduct mystery shops to give you an insider view of your operations and service level standards. For Operational Reviews, we will check-in and spend five or more days with each department (AM, PM, and Night Shifts) reviewing the operational and service standards. For Mystery Shops, the ZOGO team member will check-in as a regular guest and experience your hotel(s) focusing on the areas identified by the management team. Both Operational Reviews and Mystery Shopping will be concluded with a discussion with management and a detailed report.

Hotel Software Development and User Acceptance Testing (PMS, CRS, Task Management, Interfaces)

For hotels or brands planning to change or upgrade their existing PMS system, the ZOGO team can assist with RFP (Request for Proposal) process and evaluating systems in relation to your business and operational requirements. With expertise in identifying functionality gaps and designing system requirements in PMS, CRS, Task Management, Apps, and Chat systems, we can elevate your new system to meet your unique requirements. We will work with your team on creating functional requirements, user acceptance testing, project management, and implementation to ensure your new system meets your operational expectations.


Development of Pre-Opening Plans for Hotels

To successfully open a hotel, whether it is a small boutique hotel, a large corporate hotel or resort, it is essential to have a detailed Pre-Opening Plan to provide an overview of the entire project. To be successful, each department requires a structured action plan to organize tasks and keep track of what is ahead or behind plan. The ZOGO Hospitality Consulting team will work with each of your departments to capture and organize pre-opening tasks. Depending on the project scope, we will work with your Intranet provider to provide you with the appropriate tool to manage the project(s).

Pre-Opening Training and Support for Rooms

Looking for Pre-Opening experts to assist your team with preopening training and opening support. The ZOGO team will ensure that your preopening plan is followed, and your new colleagues are trained and ready to go on opening day. We will provide support in operating systems, guest service and daily operations for the post live operations. 

Other Specialized Services

Customer Relationship Management, Strategic Business Management, Team Leadership & Collaboration
Business Process Re-Engineering, Project Management, Hotel Openings and Takeovers, Master Schedule Management.